About our 50-sided lottery dice

Within the last few decades, many people have already played with the thought of designing and manufacturing a 50-sided dice. There are already a handful of these 50-sided dice on the market, but they are mostly considered decorations, collectables or otherwise considered display items. Whoever felt the need for a D50 dice had to make use of balls or spinning tops, but there has not been a proper, useable 50-sided dice on the market – until now! EDC Concept GmbH has brought out Dice Up, an innovative 50-sided dice with distinct surfaces and edges. This dice is ideally weighted and balanced, which ascertains that the rolling of lottery numbers is in no way compromised by outside forces. The Dice Up D50 dice is unique in its design and the only product of its kind on the current market. Solely EDC Concept GmbH possesses the protected design for dice like these in Europe, and therefore holds an absolute monopoly status.

Dice Up for lottery players:

Apart from the traditional target group of gamblers, the EDC Concept GmbH aims its product at a new audience, the lottery players, with its new lottery edition of the Dice Up 50-sided dice. The Dice Up lottery set includes two additional dice (10-sided and 12-sided) to determine bonus numbers for different European lottery games.

The D50 dice opens up a new way of choosing lucky numbers. EDC Concept GmbH therefore occupies a market niche, by offering lottery players a new method of determining their lottery numbers, and creates the possibility to make an event our of it – ideal for the whole family, for friends, or the betting pool.

Our dice’s features:

  • an ideally balanced weight
  • easily readable digits of the rolled faces
  • 50 distinct surfaces
  • distinct dice edges because of its innovative production method
  • monopoly status in Europe
  • protected design of a D50 dice in the EU
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