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Don’t leave your luck to chance! With the 50-sided lucky dice by dice UP, you can take luck into your own hands and become the lottery-champion!

This dice has 50 distinct sides, an optimal weight, clearly readable numerals, and is an absolutely innovative D50 dice in all European countries.

50 distinct surfaces

Because of its 50 distinctly rollable faces, our dice is absolutely unique in European Countries and is created with a protected design. This special dice lets you determine your lottery numbers easily and opens the door to your lottery luck.

Roll your way to the jackpot

Take your luck into your own hands and become a millionaire - today! Our dice can make dreams come true: a new house, a fancy boat, or the long-anticipated dream vacation?! With dice UP, choosing your lucky numbers is easier than ever, and the jackpot is no longer a dream!

A dice for everyone

EDC Concept GmbH has developed a new and innovative product, aimed specifically at dreamers of the big lottery win. This dice is not just the perfect companion for gamblers, but an ideal gadget for every dreamer of the jackpot win!

About our product

Our 50-sided dice opens up a new way of choosing your lucky lottery numbers. With its innovative 50-sided dice, EDC Concept GmbH grants lottery players the opportunity to determine their lottery numbers in a fun way, that lets the lottery become an event for all – friends, family or the betting pool!

Best of Luck to you wishes your

Dice-Up Team

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